JEGS GM 10-bolt 7.5″, 7.6″ 3.42 Ring and Pinion (thick gears)

GM 10-Bolt Ring & Pinion
7.5″ & 7.625″ Diameter Ring Gear
3.42 Ratio

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JEGS 555-60008 3.42 ring and pinion gear sets for GM 10-bolt 7.5″, 7.6″ axles are produced from high-grade steel that provides durability for street, highway, and occasional race use by utilizing modern machining and heat treating for added strength and miles of trouble-free service.

This is a THICK gear set which means it does not use the same carrier as a standard set of GM 10-bolt 7.5″, 7.6″ 3.42 gears.

  • Tooth count: 40/12


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