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Dana SVL 2020858 3.08 Ring and Pinion; Ford 7.5″


Axle: Ford 7.5 inch – 3.08 ratio
Industry # F7.5-308
1985-On Astro, 1982-On Camaro, 1982-On Firebird, 1978-1987 Grand Prix, 1989-1983 Rodeo, 1981-1988 Monte Carlo, 1991-On Bravada, 1978-1983 Regal, 1976-1979 Skylark

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Brands:Dana SVL


SVL 2020858 Ford 7.5″ 3.08 ring and pinion gears are engineered to meet the aftermarket product requirements of Dana, the most recognized name in automotive axles. Forged from alloy steel for optimal hardness, SVL gears are cut with the utmost accuracy ensuring the smoothest ride possible. Computer-controlled heat treating followed by mated gear lapping provides ideal meshing of the gears which means that you get maximum value and guaranteed performance that will deliver longevity and durability that you can rely on.

  • Warranty: 6-month, 50,000 mile
  • Tooth count: 40/13